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LED Industrial

LED Retrofitting

Induction Lighting

Light Fixtures
APS Path Lights
APS Path Lights
T-APS -01 Oxford Path Light
T-APS-02 Irvine Path Light
T-APS-03 Brighton Path Light
T-APS-04 Prescott Path Light
T-APS-05 Wexford Path Light
T-APS-06 Everest Path Light
T-APS-07 Adjustable Path Light
T-APS-08 Adjustable Path Light

Garden Lanterns
Garden Lanterns
T-GL-3020 Garden Lantern
T-GL-3080 Garden Lantern
T-GL-3050 Coach Garden Lantern
T-GL-3060 Light House Garden

T-1210 10” Pagoda Post Bollard
T-1220 Bahama Bollard
T-1215 Brass Landscape Bollard
T-1225 Flat Top Round Bollard
T-1230 Dome Cap Base Bollard T-1250 Pitched Roof Bollard
T-1240A Dome Top Commercial Bollard
T-1240C Dome Top Commercial Bollard
T-1260B Flat Top Square Commercial Bollard
T-1260C Flat Top Square Commercial Bollard
T-851 Pyramid Top Square Commercial Bollard
T-850 Dome Top Commercial Bollard
T-1255 Landscape Bollard

Spot Lights
Spot Lights
T-140 MR-8 Micro Spot Light
T-032 MR-11 Spot Light
T-036 MR-16 Mini Spot Light
T-037 MR-16 Spot Light
T-049 MR-16 Spot Light
T-049-EXT MR-16 Spot Light
T-052C MR-16 Spot Light
T-053C MR-16 Spot Light
T-148 Brass MR-16 Mini Spot Light
T-142 MR-16 Spot Light
T-124 MR-16 Bullet
T-160-38 • T-160-30 • T-160-20
PAR-20,30,38 Brass/Copper Bullet

Well Lights
Well Lights
T-W005 PAR-36 Paver Well Light
T-W011 PAR-36 Paver Well Light
T-W014 MR-16 Paver Well Light
T-1316 MR-16 Commercial Grade Concrete Well Light
T-W114 PAR-36 Paver Well Light
T-W115 PAR-36 Paver Well Light
T-132 PAR-36 Angle-Cut Well Light
T-137 MR-16 Composite Well Light
T-138 MR-16 Composite In-Ground Well Light
T-136 PAR-36 Flat Cut Well Light
T-135 MR-16 Mini Brass Well Light

Well Lights
Scroll/Arm Mount Lanterns
T-6010 Scroll Wall Mount Lantern
T-6020 Scroll Wall Mount Lantern
T-6030 Scroll Wall Mount Lantern
T-6040 Scroll Wall Mount Lantern
T-6050 Scroll Wall Mount Lantern
T-6060 Scroll Wall Mount Lantern
T-6070 Scroll Wall Mount Lantern
T-6080 Straight Arm Wall Mount Lantern
T-6090 Curved Arm Wall Mount Lantern

Post Mount Lanterns and Post Fitters
Post Mount Lanterns
T-5050 Post Mount Lantern w/ T-5230 Post Only
T-5040 Post Mount Lantern w/ T-5240 Post Only
T-5010 Post Mount Lantern w/ T-5210 Scroll Post Fitter
T-5090 Post Mount Lantern w/ T-5225 Square Post Fitter
T-5210 Scroll Post Fitter
T-5220 Square Mini Post Fitter
T-5225 Scroll Post Fitter
T-BP Scroll Post Fitter

Hanging Lanterns
Hanging Lanterns
T-7020 Hanging Lantern
T-7010 Hanging Lantern
T-7040 Hanging Lantern
T-7030 Hanging Lantern
T-7050 Hanging Lantern
T-7060 Hanging Lantern
T-7070 Hanging Lantern
T-7080 Hanging Lantern

Trellis Lights
Trellis Lights
T-511Single MR-16 Trellis Light
T-512 Double MR-16 Trellis Light
T-811Single MR-16 Trellis Light
T-810 Up/Down MR-16 Trellis Light
T-218 MR-16 Angle Cut Trellis Light
T-219 MR-16 Angle Cut Full Shroud Trellis Light
T-216 MR-16 U-Bracket Trellis Light
T-220 12V Wedge Base Decorative Deck Light
T-217 Tree Down Light

Lighting Accessories
Lighting Component Accessories
Lighting Component Accessories
T-190 Cast Brass Mounting Base
T-192 Cast Brass Mounting Base
T-190-ERS Cast Brass Mounting Base
T-191 Tree Strap
T-194 Mini Splice Box
T-193A/T-194A Mounting Spikes
T-610/T-612 Adjustable Brass Risers
L Risers
T-BR-Rpost “Rocket Post”
T-BP-3 Direct Burial Post
T-13RG Well Light Cover
T-13PG Well Light Cover
T-HCL Honey Comb Louvers

Electrical and Automation Accessories
Electrical and Automation Accessories
T-RPM Photocell Module
T-TIMER Plug-In Timer
T-DTIMER Digital Timer
T-PCFIPhotocell Kit
Direct Burial Cable
T-BB-WN (Large) • T-BG-WN (Small)
Silicone Filled Large Wire Nuts

Stainless Steel Transformers
Stainless Steel Transformers
Classic Path Lights
Classic Path Lights
T-402 Classic Path Light
T-403 Classic Path Light
T-100C Dubai Path Light
T-101C Dubai Path Light
T-105 Telford Path Light
T-103 Inverness Path Light
T-201 Classic Path Light
T-701 Pyramid Path Light
T-909 Highlander Path Light
T-705 Classic Path Light
T-707 Classic Path Light
T-803 Warwick Path Light
T-804 Bristol Path Light
T-704 Sheffield Path Light
T-K001 Luna Bonita Path Light
T-HPL-5 Classic Path Light
T-HPL-7 Classic Path Light
T-HPL-9 Classic Path Light
T-901 Chester Path Light
T-910LG Royal Dornish Path Light
T-910SM Royal Dornish Path Light

Directional Path Lights
Directional Path Lights
T-18LT Directional Path Light
T-24T-049 Directional Path Light
T-24L-049 Directional Path Light

Commercial Wall Packs
Commercial Wall Packs
T-1270A Dome Top CommercialWall Pack
T-1270B Dome Top Commercial Wall Pack
T-1270C Dome Top Commercial Wall Pack
T-WP25 Commercial Large Deep Wall Pack
T-WP35 Commercial Wall Sconce Down Light
T-WPA25 Large Semi-Cutoff Commercial Wall Pack

Flood Lights and Wash Lights
Flood Lights and Wash Lights
T-030 PAR-36 Flood Light
T-153 PAR-36 Flood Light
T-154 Round Wall Washer
T-156 Square Wall Washer
T-FL13-120 Fluorescent Wall Washer
T-046 Mini Wall Washer
T-048 Large Wall Washer

Step Lights and Deck Lights
Step Lights and Deck Lights
Step Lights
T-183 Recessed Micro Accent Light
T-186 Recessed Micro Accent Light
T-184 Recessed Micro Accent Light
T-185 Recessed Micro Accent Light
T-187 Recessed Square Micro Accent Light
T-077 Louvered Step Light
T-078 Bullnose Step Light
T-RSL1L • T-RSL1W Small Recessed Step Light
T-RSL2L • T-RSL2W Large Recessed Step Light

Deck Lights
T-EDL4 Eyebrow Deck Light
T-LDL4 Louvered Deck Light
T-182 Eyebrow Deck Light
T-214 Bell Deck Light
T-285 Triangle Deck Light

Wall Mount Lanterns
Wall Mount Lanterns
T-3070 Flush Wall Mount Lantern
T-3015 Flush Wall Mount Lantern
T-3020 Flush Wall Mount Lantern
T-3025 Flush Wall Mount Lantern
T-3030 Flush Wall Mount Lantern
T-3040 Flush Wall Mount Lantern
T-3050 Flush Wall Mount Lantern
T-3060 Flush Wall Mount Lantern
T-3010 Flush Wall Mount Lantern
T-3090 Flush Wall Mount Accent
T-3080 Flush Wall Mount Lantern
T-3230 Flush Wall Mount Lantern
T-3220 Flush Mount Up/Down Accent
T-3200 Flush Mount Up/Down Accent
T-3210 Flush Mount Up/Down Accent
T-3240 Flush Mount Up/Down Accent
T-3250 Flush Mount Up/Down Accent
T-3260 Flush Mount Up/Down Accent
T-3270 Flush Mount Up/Down Accent
T-3280 Flush Mount Up/Down Accent

Column Mount Lanterns
Column Mount Lanterns
T-4020 Column Mount Lantern
T-4010 Column Mount Lantern
T-4030 Column Mount Lantern
T-4040 Column Mount Lantern
T-4050 Column Mount Lantern
T-4060 Column Mount Lantern
T-4070 Column Mount Lantern
T-4080 Column Mount Lantern
T-4090 Column Mount Lantern

Decorative Hanging Tree Lights
Decorative Hanging Tree Lights
T-7105 Decorative Hanging Tree Light
T-7109 Decorative Hanging Tree Light
T-7101Decorative Hanging Tree Light
T-7121Decorative Hanging Tree Light
T-7111 Decorative Hanging Tree Light
T-7114 Decorative Hanging Tree Light
T-7115 Decorative Hanging Tree Light

Underwater Lights
Underwater Lights
T-1314 Underwater Light
T-1336 Underwater Light

Specialty Items
Specialty Items
T-TIKI-LG Copper Tiki Torch/Combo
T-TIKI-SM Copper Tiki Torch/Combo
T-18LT-BBQ Barbeque Light
T-DECO Garden Art
T-2054 4-Number Address Light
T-MB1 Custom Mail Box Address Light
T-LASER Custom Laser Cut

Induction Lighting
Induction Lighting
T-WPS401ISlimline Wall Pack
T-WPC15I Full Cutoff Wall Pack
T-FL90WI Square Shoebox
T-FL50WI Square Shoebox
T-VNGL40I Vandal Resistant Garage Lighter
T-FL70SI 16“ Flood Light
T-FL61I Round Back Flood Light