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LED Retrofitting

Many individuals are choosing to convert their current systems to LED modules. Typically, retrofitting to LEDs is cheaper than replacing an entire system of fixtures. LEDs are safer for the environment and are rated longer than other luminaries. They also excel in hostel environments that other lights may not. Is changing a bulb in your lighting application an expensive and time consuming process? LEDs are rated up to 50,000 hours. Less replacements equal less money spent, not only on bulbs, but also on labor.

Call or e-mail TRAALITE for more information about LED Retrofitting.
626.336.TRAA (8722) • csr@traalite.com

Applications That Will Benefit From
LED Retrofitting:

• Factories
• Warehouses
• Parking Garages
• Parking Lots
• Hospitals
• Schools
• Roadways
• Prisons
• Airports
• Terminals
• Common Areas
• Athletic Facilities
• Stadiums